Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting Costa Rica

The blog is getting a little dusty so I thought I’d write some Do’s and Don’ts based on our recent 10-day family trip to Costa Rica. If you’ve never visited, I recommend it. If you have been there, feel free to add your own Do's and Don’ts in the Comment section below.

Do: Hire a driver
Costa Rican jungle roads have more S-turns than King George VI trying to say Mississippi. Add to it that they’re loaded with water-filled pot-holes, rarely have any signage, lines, or guardrails, and you’re looking at a Toonces the Driving Cat scenario if you’re not careful.

San Jose rush hour. Good times.

Don’t: Expect the bajillion motorbike drivers to follow a single traffic law
Half the population of San Jose rides some form of motorcycle and the sole reason seems to be that they’re immune to all laws. They weave in and out of standstill traffic, they run red lights; they steal kids’ lunch money… I didn’t actually see that last one, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Do: Bring plenty of lightweight clothing
It’s hot. Like, REALLY hot.

Don’t: Forget an umbrella during rainy season
The rainy season lasts from early May to late November and it rains every afternoon/evening during these months. Lightning took out the electricity multiple times while we were there and it apparently killed seven cows.

Extra Don’t: Bring cows.

The Arenal Volcano 

Do: Visit the Arenal Volcano and hot springs
The volcano and its surrounding landscapes are beautiful. The Springs resort in particular is a great place to stay nearby, but keep your eyes open for deals. The standard run-rate for a room there isn’t cheap.

Don’t: Order margaritas - anywhere
Costa Ricans apparently don’t drink tequila. You won’t find a decent bottle at any restaurant, hotel, or bar. It’s Don Julio, Jose Cuervo, or worse.

San Jose graffiti

Do: Take lots of pictures
You’ll see plenty of amazing jungle landscapes, gorgeous sunsets, and if you explore San Jose, cool graffiti. You’ll want to capture those memories.

Don’t: Post tons of those pictures on your blog
As much as you love all those pics you snapped, a little goes a long way when sharing those photos with others. Show some restraint. I only shared three!

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